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Leister Triac ST 141.288 Hand Held Plastic Welder w/ 40mm Nozzle

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Leister Triac AT Digital Control Hand Held Plastic Welder with 40mm Nozzle and Carrying Case

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as of August 7, 2022 12:36 am


  • Suitable for worksite
  • Closed-loop controlled temperature
  • Open-loop controlled air volume
  • Intelligent «e-Drive» operating unit
  • Swiss Made

Flooring Welding Nozzle, Coving Floor Welding Tips with Wheel for Plastic Leister Vinyl Welder

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  • ♤ Floor welding nozzle is made of 304 stainless steel alloy material, heat resistance up to 800‑1000 ℃, mechanical properties.
  • ♤ Practical and wonderful accessory for welding. Suitable for use with 3mm/4mm/5mm welding rods.
  • ♤ Nozzle Inner Diameter: Approx. 5mm / 0.2in; Inner Diameter: Approx. 8mm / 0.31in.
  • ♤The welding tip is equipped with a metal groove pulley, which is more convenient to slide and save time and effort, which can meet the needs of different use positions.
  • ♤ Use for polypropylene, polythene, PVC and polycarbonate welding etc.

Hot Air Welding Gun For HDPE Geomembrane Welder For TPO Foof With Flat Weld Nozzle And Rollers For Plastic Welder

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  • 1. It is handy,cost effective,reliable for weding all different types fo thermaplastic material, for rooifng,flooring ,tarps,plastic fabrication,etc.Especially good for long time continous working site
  • 2. Hot air tool for welding PVC, PE, PP, PA, EPDM, PS, TPO, EVA materials
  • 3. Hot air tool for drying and activating
  • 4. Hot air gun for shrinking plastic caps
  • 5. Hot air tool for welding Plastic Tanks, Plastic Pipe and Plastic Sheets

110V Hot Air Gun Welding Torch 1600W Heat Gun Plastic Welder Roofing Welder Kits

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as of August 7, 2022 12:36 am


  • [Basic information]: 1.Frequency:50/60HZ Voltage: 110V Power: 1600W2. Adjustable temperature: 20-600 degree continuously adjustable. 3. Air flow: MAX 180L/min Air pressure: 2600Pa. 4. Noise
  • [Package include]: 1pc hot air plastic welder gun 110V, 1pc 40mm silicone pressure roller, 1pc 1600w heat element, 1pc 40mm nozzle.
  • [Application]: Handy, cost effective,reliable for welding all different types for thermoplastic material, for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabrication, etc. Especially good for long time continuous working site. Welding PVC, PE, PP, PA, EPDM, PS, TPO, EVA materials; drying and activating; shrinking plastic caps; welding Plastic Tanks, Plastic Pipe and Plastic Sheets.
  • [Use]: 1. Before using the heater power to the lowest level. 2. Use the knob should be rotated to 1, blowing a few minutes, until the barrel cooled and then shut down. 3. Do not touch the barrel when operating, so as not to burn.
  • [Warranty]: One year warranty(not include the heat element) and contact us if you have any problems!

AC220V TPO PVC Roofer Automatic Roofing Hot Air Welder with 40mm Overlap Nozzle

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as of August 7, 2022 12:36 am


  • Automatic 4200W power hot air welder,for PVC, TPO, PE, ECB, EPDM roofing material welding
  • Promotion: one brass pressure roller, one seam probe tester and one 40mm silica pressure roller with seam probe tester for free ( value $80) from 4th, March to 4th, June, 2019
  • Guide bar for handling
  • User friendly digital display
  • Generally, it will be delivered within 7 working days via DHL.

1600W Heating Gun Hot Air Gun PVC TPO Plastic welding gun (Type D)

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  • 1.Max Power: 1600W, Voltage: 120V,50/60Hz, Air message: 3000pa, The flow of air: max 240L/MIN, Insulating intensity: 3750V;
  • 2.With electronic heating protection system, temperature adjustable, range: 40-650 degree.
  • 3.Low noise and low vibration to ensure comfortable and high quality work.
  • 4.Strong power 1600w, suitable for heavy duty and professional work.
  • 5.Stainless steel gun barrel reduce the heat lossing and keep working safely.

Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit Hot Air Gun Complete Tool Set Hand Held Torch Welder Pistol with Flooring Butterfly Repair Welding Kit Carry Case

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as of August 7, 2022 12:36 am


  • Handy, robust carry case included for good orgination and convenient transport. Come with flooring kit, complete plastic welder gun. A professional hot air welding tool.
  • The plastic hot air welder gun temperature adjustable range 30°C-700°C can meets your different material need. Printed with a temperature form on the hot air gun for reference.
  • Flexible and easy to use with U-shaped blade butterfly auxiliary repair tool can be replaced. Grooving improves control and permits faster work.
  • Low noise and low vibration make ensure comforable and high quality welder work. Hot protection tube and electronic heating protection system ensures long service time and safety.
  • The hand held hot plastic welding gun tool is widely used for welding plastic advertising materials such as PVC Flex Banner, tarpaulins, TPO materials, etc. It is also suitable for corner welding, plastic floor etc,.

Ridgeyard Professional 110V 1600W Plastic Welder/Welding Hot Air Gun Hot Air Torch Plastic Welding Gun Welder Pistol

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as of August 7, 2022 12:36 am


  • Voltage:110V/60Hz, Power: 1600W, Temperature: up to 600℃/1112℉ , comes with a Spare Heating Element, a Pencil Tip Nozzle ,a Flat tip and 2 Speed Welding Nozzles
  • Heat Resistant Body:the welding gun handle made of heat-resistant plastic to avoid scald, the nozzles are made from heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • The heater inside is made of heat-resistant iolite, the heating wire is import from famous brand “Kanthal”, long lifetime heating wire is 100% import from the United Kingdom which is durable and abrasion resistant
  • This hot air welder can use for welding construction on plate/pipeline/film made from PVC/PE/PP/PVDF and so on, comes with built in fan, and integrated design make this welding set easy to carry and use, the diameter of handle is 5.7cm/2.24", it is suitable for professional use
  • Comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty. Warm tip for extending service life of the heating element: Before you turn off the power switch of the welder gun, make sure you turn the temperature knob back to 0 first and wait for about 5mins till the welder cool down.

Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment Hot Blast Torch Overlap Air Welding Gun Welder Pistol Tool Hot Air Gun(120 Voltage and flat nozzle)

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  • WELDY energy HT1600 is a compact and robust hot air hand tool for an endless range of professional applications. This hot-air-tool convinces with its up-to-date design, its solid overall performance and with an unbeatable cost-performance ratio. The energy HT1600 overlap kit: Your professional hot air equipment for welding PVC and TPO membranes. Main applications: Sealing roofs and Joining industrial fabrics and tarpaulins
  • Accessories:Wide slot nozzle 20 mm,Wide slot nozzle 40 mm,Silicone pressure roller 40 mm
  • (Weldy AG Switzerland) All Weldy products are manufactured according to Swiss technology and engineering and its proximity to the key markets is a perfect match for Weldy to meet the customers’ requirements
  • One year warranty (not include heat element). Operation Notice:Knob the temperature to zero point after use,cold airing a few minutes to cool down completely, then turn the power off.This will good for heating element
  • Industry standard and reliable ,Adjustable hot air from 100f-1290f / 40 °C to 700 °C ,Long lifetime ,Heating tube protection for more security


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